Flipping a college physical activity course: Impact on knowledge, skills, and physical activity

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Michelle Vaughn
Jung Won Hur
Jared Russell


The purpose of this study was to examine the impact of a flipped classroom model on students’ knowledge, skills, and physical activity in a collegiate physical activity course. While there are many studies exploring the impact of the flipped classroom in various fields of study, a dearth of studies has examined the impact of this new pedagogy in a physical education course. We thus flipped a college level physical education course and examined students’ learning experiences. Students were required to watch health knowledge and exercise skill videos prior to a class and engage in active physical activity both inside and outside the classroom. Multiple data were collected to examine the impact, including pre- and post- knowledge and skill tests, individual interviews, student surveys, and physical activity logs. The findings demonstrated that students’ health knowledge and exercise skills were significantly improved, and the course allowed students to be engaged in various types of physical activity inside and outside the classroom.

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